"We now have an employee that never sleeps and is always accessible on our website" - Dr. AJ Paul, DDS

For Dental Practices

24x7 A.I. Virtual Receptionist For Dental Practices That Want To Capture Additional Business Without Spending Money On Ads

Introducing "Irine", an A.I. virtual dental receptionist powered by Hipokratiz. Irine A.I. works for you 24*7 on your website, answers your patients' questions all day & night, and converts your website visitors into new patient leads and appointments - without ever taking rest, asking for raise, while reducing workload for your front-desk staff!

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"There was a time we didn't have the Irine chatbot on our website. We've had it for about a year now, and it's made a huge difference in our practice. It really helped our patients navigate our website, and ask the right questions so we could easily get them into the office."

Dr. Aanchal Chandra DDS

Belterra Dental, Austin, Texas

The Problem:

Your Website Visitors Are Leaving Your Site Without Scheduling, Calling, Or Making An Appointment.

When patients visit your website, they are on their own. They are expected to navigate your website and research your practice by themselves. There's no one to receive them, no one to assist them, and no one to answer their questions. As a result, more than half of your website visitors feel overwhelmed, don't get the information they need and leave your website without taking any action whatsoever.

The Question Is:

What Can You Do To Stop Losing Your Website Visitors And Start Converting Them Into New Patients Instead?

Because you've paid thousands of dollars to build & maintain your website; hired professional photographers to add high-quality images and videos to enhance your branding; contracted SEO and marketing companies to put your practice in front of more patients.

You know exactly how all these will bring new visitors so you can finally convert them into new patients. But, Then, You're Stuck:

You Currently Don't Have A System To Capture Your Website Visitors

You spend thousands of dollars every month to build, maintain and send traffic to your site 24*7 - only to lose them once they visit the site.

  • Patients need to navigate your site on their own
  • There's no one to receive and assist them
  • There's no one to help them with their queries
  • Patients don't get help & leave the site as a result

Hiring A Reliable Staff To Convert Your Website Visitors Is An Expensive, Painful & Time-Consuming Process

You need to compete with the government to get people off the couch & show up for work.

  • Most of them don't even show up for interviews
  • Those that get the job quit within a few weeks
  • You need to find, hire and train them again & repeat

The Solution: Irine

Irine Is An A.I. Virtual Dental Receptionist That Works For You 24*7, Answers Your Patients Questions All Day & Night & Converts Your Website Visitors Into New Patient Leads And Appointments

And, Irine does all these without taking rest, asking for raise or taking time off work, and even without you needing to pay any benefits. Most importantly, Irine is going to be a good companion for your existing front desk staff by collecting all the necessary information about the patients upfront - thereby making it easier for your existing front desk staff to get the patients on your schedule.

See How Irine Is Helping Dentists Like Dr. Aanchal Chandra To Get Their Website Visitors Into Their Office

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How Does Irine Work?

Irine Is A Computer Program That Simulates A Natural Human Conversation

Irine communicates with patients via the chat interface installed on websites, like how a human front desk staff would talk to a patient. Irine then interprets and processes user's inputs, words or phrases and gives an instant pre-set answer. Once the chat conversation is over with the patient, Irine then forwards the conversation and the patient info to human front desk staff so they can get the patients into the office.

Since 2019, Irine Has Sent And Received More Than 87,994 Messages With Patients That Needed Dental Help Across U.S. and Canada. Whether Your Patients Want An Implant, Need An Extraction Or Are In Extreme Tooth Pain Or Whatever Dental Query They May Have - Irine Knows How To Assist Them.

Here's What Dental Practice Owners Across U.S. And Canada Had To Say About Irine

"It's really good, I really love their virtual receptionist on my website"

-Dr. Jean Joseph, DDS

JB Dental Designs, Midland, Texas

"every week or so, I get a couple of requests for dental procedures, which I wasn't receiving before Irine was placed on my website"

Dr. Francisco Azar, DDS

Azar Dentistry, North Miami Beach, FL

"We now have an employee that never sleeps, that's always accessible on our webpage"

Dr. AJ Paul, DDS

Waterfront Dentistry, Belleville, ON, Canada

"thanks to Irine, we have a lot of new inquiries over past 6 months. These are patients who would have looked elsewhere, or we would have lost revenue for..."

Dr. Preeti Kumar, DDS

Cedar Dental Care, Newark, CA

ROI Guarantee

The best part? If Irine doesn't generate new patients from your website, or if the recaptured revenue from the additional patients doesn't at least pay for your Irine account, then, let us know. We'll pay for your Irine account next month!

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So Many Dental Practices From Both U.S. And Canada Are Already Converting Their Website Visitors Into New Patients Using Artificial Intelligence And Irine. What About You?

Go ahead, get started and hire Irine for free - without any risk to you.

  • Try Irine Absolutely For Free
  • No Setup Fee Or Sign Up Fee
  • No Contracts Of Any Kind
  • Cancel Anytime As You Wish
  • Get Unlimited Support
  • ROI Guarantee Or Get Free Months

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Hire Irine Absolutely Risk Free!

If Irine doesn't generate new patients from your website, or if the recaptured revenue from the additional patients doesn't at least pay for your Irine account, then, let us know. We'll pay for your Irine account until Irine generates patients for you.

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